Project Incubation

Got Big Plans?

At ManesLAB, we are committed to providing the highest-quality and most innovative tools for Web3 creators. With our expertise and experience, we provide a wide range of services from consultation, development to ecosystem support, and promotion to empower the creator economy.

Besides ManeSTUDIO, the permissonless tool made for all, we would like to introduce you our incubation program for creators, offering our experience, consultancy, technologies and everything you need to launch your project smoothly.

If you have a big plan for your project, or you want to empower your project with special features that are not yet supported by ManeSTUDIO, or you simply gets a bit overwhelmed with all new Web3 things and want to have some directions, feel free to contact us with the form at the bottom of this page.

Support from ManesLAB

ManesLAB is a team of creators with real world experiences in both Web2 & Web3. We believe that creativity is the most scarce and valuable resource in the Web3 world, and we want to benefit the creators in our own way and respect the value of creativity.

Getting people to notice your project ain't easy, especially while this space is getting more and more noisy everyday. How to position your project, the technical possibilities, how to launch, when to launch, what happens post-launch... all those things can be quite overwhelming, but hey, we are here to support you with all our knowledges.

Let's Have a Talk 😊

Please fill this form, we can't wait to meet the awesome you and build together The Next Big Thing.

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