4) Deploy on ETH Mainnet

Once you deploy your contract on Testnet and make sure everything is correct, you can deploy it on ETH Mainnet.

Once you click "DEPLOY", the transaction will be submitted. This is the step where you need to pay for the deployment with ETH.

How much does it cost to deploy my smart contract on ETH Mainnet?

This depends. The gas fee your wallet suggests is calculated based on:

01. The Network Situation

You may check the current gas here at Ethereum Gas tracker

The higher the current gas fee is, the more it will cost.

We highly suggest you to wait a bit if current gas fee is high. To understand how "Gas" means and works, check this article by ethereum.org

02. The Gas Usage

How complex your smart contract is also effects the gas fee, since the gas usage might be different.

The more function you enabled while setting the smart contract, the more complex the smart contract is, thus, the more it will cost.

03. Reserved NFTs

If you enabled the NFT reservation, the reserved NFTs will be minted to your wallet when you deploy the contract. This will cost more gas to execute the transaction.

The more NFTs you reserve, the more it will cost.

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