🔵About ManeSTUDIO

ManeSTUDIO is an all-in-one, and permissionless toolkit for Web3 creators developed by ManesLAB. The tool includes NFT generation, 1/1 NFT injection, metadata management, IPFS decentralized storage upload, smart contract custom deployment, blind box minting website building, etc., dedicated to solving all the coding parts in the workflow so that creators can simply focus on the creation itself.

Ultimately, ManeSTUDIO is a Web3 creator tool that requires no coding knowledge and no entry barriers. NFT projects created by ManeSTUDIO will automatically generate the minting website on ManeSPACE. The smart contract conforms to the mainstream NFT secondary market protocol standards such as OpenSea, LooksRare, and will be automatically synchronized after the primary sale.

ManeSTUDIO is free to use for project creation, it charges only a 3.3% service fee from the primary sale earnings. The service fee will be used for product update, support of projects within ManesLAB ecosystem, and brand development.

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