2) Deploy on Testnet

You will now deploy your smart contract to blockchain. ManeSTUDIO suggests creators to deploy on testnet before making changes on ETH mainnet to avoid mistakes and waste gas.

Deploy on Testnet

Testnet simulates the real-world Ethereum blockchain environment, you can make changes and play around with test ETH tokens which you could claim for free. You may even test minting and see your NFT collections on Opensea.

Goerli Testnet

Goerli Testnet is one of the most popular ETH PoS testnet. Opensea has their marketplaces on testnet too, so that you can also check your NFTs on secondary marketplaces before deploying your smart contract to mainnet.

Goerli Testnet Faucet

To make transaction on Goerli Testnet, you would need some Goerli Test ETH. You can claim Goerli for free from the following faucet:

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