☝️1) Safety First

Blockchain security is always the first lesson.

Have you ever heard some people saying:

"Blockchain is a dark forest."

Yes, it can be. However, if you are cautious enough, the forest is a playground. This is why we strongly advise all creators to use a safe wallet address for project creation and contract deployment.

How do I know if my wallet is safe? Well, unless your wallet is compromised, you never know. Unlike web2 service that uses account and password, and will send you a warning for suspicious login-in, most of the Web3 wallets do not offer that. As long as your private key or seed phrase is leaked, hackers will drain your crypto wallet. And it does not end there. Hackers will monitor your wallet using a sweeper bot, meaning that every single ETH you transfer into your compromised wallet as gas, trying to save some other assets, will be drained and transferred into the hacker's wallet. Your compromised wallet will basically have 0 ETH balance and is crippled completely.

Okay...sounds a bit scary.

So how do I know my wallet is safe?

Think about if you have ever done the following things:

  • Submitted your private key/seed phrase somewhere online

  • Copied & pasted your private key/seed phrase and stored it somewhere on your computer

  • Copied & pasted your private key/seed phrase and send it to someone else

  • Took a photo of your private key/seed phrase with your smartphone which can access the internet

  • And more stuff that sound even more dangerous than above

  • If so, it would be great if you can create a new wallet (not adding a Metamask address, since they share the same seed phrase so new addresses are as risky as others if you leaked your seed phrase), or the current best solution, using addresses created with a hardware wallet, for example, Ledger, to make sure no transaction will be approved and submitted unless you give the confirmation using a physical device accessible only to you.

Fine, but why?

When you create projects using ManeSTUDIO and successfully deployed a contract, your current (risky-might-be) wallet will be the contract owner and admin, which means it has full control over your project, including management of the funds.

If in the worst case, this address gets compromised, hackers might withdraw and steal all the funds you earned from the project's primary sale, or use the sweeper bot mentioned above so you can't even transfer contract ownership to a safe wallet address.

If you are a crypto artist and your main wallet, or to say, your on-chain identity gets compromised, it will be a pain in the ass. So with everything said, stay safe, folks! Receiving emails from you saying your wallet got hacked will be the last thing we wanna hear, but if unfortunately it really happened, don't hesitate to contact us support@maneslab.xyz

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