7️⃣Withdraw Funds

Claim your earnings from the primary sale.

How do I claim my earnings?

Congratulations on your project! You may now go to contract management and claim your earnings from the primary sale after the fund escrow period.

Funds from primary sale can be withdrawn after the 7-days funds escrow period. Part of your funds may stay escrowed until all refund periods end.

3.3% service fee of ManeSTUDIO has already been deducted from the total balance.

Learn more about funds management in our Terms of Service, under section Trust and Accountability.

How about Spilt Earnings?

When you enabled Spilt Earning function, the spilt will happen seamlessly when you withdraw funds. The funds are divided into the parts according to your settings, and sent to recipients' wallet addresses.

How does ManeSTUDIO charge 3.3% commission?

ManeSTUDIO automatically charges 3.3% from the primary sale of your project, you do not need to pay manually.

The total balance and withdraw-able balance has already deducted the service fee for ManeSTUDIO.

The 3.3% service fee are used for product development, Weirdo Ghost Gang buy back, and future brand development.

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