3) Manage and Re-edit Smart Contract on Testnet

Check and manage deployed contract on Rinkeby contract before deploying to ETH Mainnet.

Manage Smart Contract

After successfully deploying to Rinkeby testnet, you can manage deployed contract here. Parameters like time, price and allowlist addresses can always be edited even afyer .

Please make sure everything is correct before deploying on mainnet.

However, some functions like contract name ,symbol and refund are exceptions, if you want to change those, you will have to destroy the testnet contract with panic buttons, go back to editor and deploy again.

Parameters like minting phase starting time/ending time, mint price, allowlist etc. can always be updated in both testnet and ETH mainnet. Gas fee may apply depending on the changes you make.

Panic Buttons

- Pause Contract

In case of any emergency, you may pause your smart contract temporarily, and resume later.

- Destroy Contract

This function applies only to Rinkeby Testnet contract. Once you deploy to ETH Mainnet, it can not be destroyed again. We have repeated it for many time, please make sure everything is correct before deploying to contract. Otherwise you are wasting gas, and you have to restart the whole project.

To change parameters like contract name, symbols, and functions like refund, you may destroy this testnet contract and deploy it again with correct settings, if you have not minted any NFTs yet. Otherwise we would suggest you to start a new project instead.

Reserved NFTs are not considered as minted NFTs in this case.

Allowlist Management

Allowlist info are stored on server, not in smart contract to save gas usage, and also allow you to update the allowlist freely. If you want to update allowlist, simply upload a new .csv file or add/change checked bluechip NFTs.

It happens very often that some community members missed the deadline for address submission and ask for help right before the minting starts.

"Your project, your rules."

It is always your choice to decided whether you will let them in, but technically, we do offer you the possibility to do so.

Delayed Reveal Management

The delayed reveal placeholder can also be updated. The change may take a while to effect on secondary marketplaces, if NFTs have already been minted.

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