6️⃣Setting Up Royalties

After launching your project, it is very important to set your royalties on secondary markets to make sure you DO NOT miss any royalties from tradings.

Contracts created using ManeSTUDIO conforms to the contract standards of most secondary NFT marketplaces like Opensea, Element, Rarible, and x2y2.

When you connect those marketplaces using the wallet which you used to create the contract, your NFT collection will either appear automatically, or you can simply import it.

Update in December 2022: To protect creators’ rights, ManeSTUDIO has been updated to comply with OpenSea's new policy regarding enforced creator royalties announced on November 8, 2022. This option is enabled by default, which ensures that creators can obtain royalties on OpenSea, x2y2 and other marketplaces, but at the same time, marketplaces such as blur, LooksRare, and sudoswap will be blocked. Learn more

Q: What does this mean to me? A: By default, the NFT collections you publish using ManeSTUDIO will no longer be listed on marketplaces such as blur, LooksRare, sudoswap, etc. that allows 0 royalty, to ensure that creators can always receive royalties from secondary sales. You can choose to disable this manually in the contract management page, if you want to list your collection on those marketplaces, but at the same, you will no longer receive royalties on OpenSea.

We have collected the following infos from mainstream marketplaces to guide you through while setting up royalties.

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