1. Generate NFTs

Generate NFT collection from the layers and traits you created from last steps. Use the filter on the left side to narrow down the selection.

Click GENERATE to start the process, set the collection size you want.

While setting Collection Size, you do not need to exclude 1/1 NFTs. The number you put should be the final amounts of NFTs in your collection. E.g. 5000/6969/10000

Max. Generatable Possibilities indicates the the maximal generation results.

Repetition Rate is simply calculated as “Your collection size” divided by “Max. generatable possibilities” to evaluate how unique your NFT collection would look like. The smaller this number is, the less repetition would appear in your collection.

  • rate < 10% Everything is awesome.

  • 10%< rate <30% Mediocre. It would be great to bring more variation of traits if you intent to keep the current collection size.

  • rate > 30% Repetition rate is high. Better bring more variation of traits in last step, otherwise NFT tokens would look identical.

Generation results should appear in a short while.

The token numbers shown here do not match the final NFT Token ID when they are minted. To make sure the fairness during the drop, ManeSTUDIO and ManeSPACE using random numbers to randomly decide token orders when each NFT is minted.

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