2. Group

The first step to create NFT generative collection is to add group/groups.

Understand Groups

Group allows creators to integrate different generation rules.

For example, your PFP project has 2 characters shaped in A and B, they both have trait 1, but trait A1 and B1 are designed with different position and scales to fit character A and B. Then you can create 2 groups A and B, then use characters and traits only in the matching groups. As long as you rename both traits “A1” and “B1” back to “1”, they will be merged in your final generation results, thus not messing with the rarity calculations. And you can change the rarity of Group A and Group B as well.

In the example above, you can see 3 groups of Weirdo Ghost Gang as our demo NFTs, 3 groups indicates 3 generative logics of layer orders to correctly overlap and highlight designed traits, explained below (Left to right = layers orders from bottom to up )

  • Normal: Background - Body - Clothing - Head - Mouth - Eyes

  • Special Head: Background - Body - Clothing - Mouth - Eyes - Head

  • Dinosaur: Background - Body - Clothing - Eyes - Head - Mouth

Group can be used in many creative ways, give a try! You can always start by adding only one group.

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