ManeSPACE is a primary NFT launch platform where your NFTs get minted. It contains your minting page, and the home page aggregates all projects created using ManeSTUDIO.

After publishing your project to ManeSPACE, a special link is created where people can come check your project details and mint directly when minting starts.

All important informations are displayed here.

Request a refund

At the bottom, there is section of "My NFTs", where you can get an overview of NFTs you own. If the creator has made this project refundable, and you wish to request a refund within the refund period, click the ⋮ button, and proceed with instructions.

When you request a refund, the fund will be returned to your wallet and the NFT will be returned to creator's wallet. The exact amount fund you receive depends on the refundable ratio of that refunding period.

Gas fee will apply when you request refund.

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