4. Public Sale

About Public Sale

Public sales of NFT projects operate on a first-come-first-served basis. Public sales are open to all wallet addresses. When the demand is higher the rest of the supply after allowlist presale, some NFT traders might use bots or rise up the gas to speed up the minting speed to make sure they can get one. This, sometime, causes what we call “gas war”.

Public Sale Starting Time

Time point when all addresses can start to mint publicly. Normally starts after the allowlist presale phase ends.

Public Sale Ending Time

An ending time is optional. If you enable this, the sale will end at your decision, if you have unminted NFT tokens left, they will remain unminted forever. If you disable this, the sale time will last until all NFTs are minted.

Please note that once this time is set, it can no longer be edited again. Handle with care.

Public Sale Max. Token Mint Per Wallet

The maximal NFTs can be minted by each address during public sale phase.

Public Sale Mint Price (in ETH)

The price for each NFT during public sale phase.

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